Closed circuit television is essential if you’re serious about protecting your people, premises and property.

CCTV has seen incredible advances in recent years, transforming its capability out of all recognition. These advances significantly improve security performance and vastly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

  • Higher resolution cameras with up to 30 megapixel CCDs using CMOS chipsets
  • Wireless networking capability to link cameras to controllers and recording devices
  • Improved image fidelity as reduced storage costs eliminate the need for compression

GST Company designs, installs and maintains CCTV solutions that are fit for the purpose you intend. Based in London, our network of engineers reaches across the UK. Whether it is a relatively modest or a high end state of the art solution, our systems are only specified after we have fully determined your needs with a thorough Security Risk Assessment.

CCTV is the heart of an integrated system and supports verification of intruder and fire alarm activations. For large sites where the safety of thousands of people or premises with high value goods, cash or valuables and works of art, verification is essential if false positives are to be quickly and effectively screened out and positive activations prioritised for appropriate response by police or fire and rescue services.

In conjunction with image processing and advanced software tools, today’s CCTV systems work to prevent crime, enable identification of persons of interest and assist in detection. Whatever your application, and wherever you are in London or the UK, GST Company CCTV solutions provide outstanding performance and value to help you achieve your security objectives.







Intruder Alarm Systems

Many new homes are now having Intruder Alarms installed. This is not only to comply with the demands of many insurance companies who insist on having an alarm installed, but to give house owners and residents a feeling of security and peace of mind.

An intruder alarm is fitted with detection devices that are triggered if an intruder activates them. This then causes the alarm to emit an audible siren alerting the house holders and residents to the threat.

Our engineers will install the hardwiring for the proximity sensors and alarm panels. Once this has been completed the security company will be able to install the control panel for the alarm.

It will then be possible for the alarm to be linked to a monitoring service.

This will give the home owners and residents the peace of mind knowing that whenever the intruder alarm is triggered, it will always be acknowledged and the necessary action taken.

Door Entry Systems

The best way to control who has access to your property ,is having a Gated Entry System installed.

Gated Entry Systems are the most common forms of safeguarding private properties. They provide the residents the security of being aware of who they are granting access to their property.