ABI Construction LTD is one of the premier floor restoration and maintenance companies that render its restoration, cleaning and polishing services for all the types of natural and man made stone surfaces. Our working location is the destination where your search for a result-oriented and professional cleaner comes to an end. Our services are suitable for all sorts of facilities whether it is a home or house or office building or retail shop or restaurant or hotel room or shopping mall. If you have a query, we have an accurate and correct answer. We are qualified experts in stone cleaning, restoration, polishing, repair and other stone care in London. Whether you need marble care in London or have any other natural stone that needs looking after, make us your first port of call

Being a specialist in various aspects of floor maintenance like limestone cleaning, granite cleaning, travertine cleaning, marble cleaning and polishing, terracotta cleaning, terrazzo restoration, marble restoration etc., we make a marble neat and clean as well as healthy. Whether you are looking for a solution to commercial or residential cleaning needs and wants, you get customised and user friendly resolutions to bring marble surfaces back to their original appearances. Our services are ideal for diamond grinding, honing and polishing, protection and sealing, grout cleaning and re-grouting, stain removal, worktops repairs, crystallisation and maintenance, lippage removal and stone restoration work.


Marble installations especially in the form of a flooring surface have turn out to be very popular owing to its undeniable and unparalleled beauty and elegance. To maintain this beauty you will require expert skills and guidance from a professional marble restoration and cleaning service provider. Posh Floors possesses expertise in marble cleaning and polishing to give a new look to your flooring be it residential or commercial place.

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